Artificial intelligence

Perceive, understand, correlate, learn, teach, reason and solve problems. Core to IT Unlock’s intelligent systems are Amelia and Nuance. A cognitive engine that uses the outputs from sensors and neural nets and uses its education to reason about what it sees. Our philosophy is that the brain is composed of distinct but interacting modules that self-organize to solve problems using a complement of local learning (“training”) and innate knowledge (“education”). So, our systems are designed to be trainable and learn on the fly, autonomously.

Digital Worker Assistance

Due to the continually evolving demands and the developing channels of interaction, the current methods of engagement of a company with the customers are not adequate and satisfactory for meeting the expectations of the customers. Resulting incompetence in addressing the concerns of the customers may lead to a trust deficiency in their minds and also negatively affect the reputation of a brand.

IT Unlock’s Intelligent digital worker provides real time customer experience and service, which Instantly responds with content from your knowledge base, deflecting ticket issues with self service helping shift customers and seamlessly transition to human agents when needed which combined easily automates information collection for lead capture or service issues.

Some of the main benefits in implementing AI and bots for us is erasing some of the very repetitive, manual tasks—like restoring accounts, refunds—things like that that are very basic, easy to resolve, but also volume generators.

Here are the four main capabilities benefits of Amelia and Nuance:

Increases loyalty & conversions

Comprehend the user intent and content for creating experiences which would improve the conversions and loyalty.

Engage proactively

Begin communicating with the users when the place and time are right, and not merely answer to the individual commands.

Provides deep customer insights

Control the data, manage and maintain the customer experience, and profit from the insights from the extensive interactions.


With the help of IT Unlock and the digital worker, you would have your own virtual assistant to stretch your brand with a genuinely engaging customer experience.

Why do you need IT Unlock?

By 2020, 75% of customer interactions will be managed without a human”

Today’s customers live in an omnichannel world. But most companies still force these evolved customers onto engagement paths that are steeped in legacy and instantly feel outdated.

Artificial intelligence solutions can and will be successfully employed by the worlds most demanding companies and customers to provide an intelligent, convenient and informed customer experience at any point along the customer journey. This will result in re-imagined customer experiences and end-to-end customer journeys that are integrated and more personal, so that they feel more natural to customers.

At the same time, this complexity is precisely the reason why AI can unleash so much value across the customer experience. Salespeople, call center agents and employees in other customer-facing roles cannot be expected to understand a customer’s entire history and derive their own insights from it in real time.

This is prime stomping ground for IT UNLOCK

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