Artificial intelligence

Perceive, understand, correlate, learn, teach, reason and solve problems. Core to IT Unlock’s intelligent systems is IBM WATSON. A cognitive engine that uses the outputs from sensors and neural nets and uses its education to reason about what it sees. Our philosophy is that the brain is composed of distinct but interacting modules that self-organize to solve problems using a complement of local learning (“training”) and innate knowledge (“education”). So, our systems are designed to be trainable and learn on the fly, autonomously.


Visual Recognition is a technology that utilizes the deep learning algorithms for analyzing pictures that can give the insights of visual content.

Teaching a computer how to ‘see’ is no small feat. You can slap a camera on a PC, but that won’t give it sight. In order for a machine to actually view the world like people or animals do, it relies on computer vision and image recognition, and with the help of an app developed by IT Unlock using this technology, you would be able to organize the image libraries, design custom classifiers for particular results that would be tailored to the requirements you have, detect faces, recognize food and also understand an individual image perfectly well.

Computer vision is what powers a bar code scanner’s ability to “see” a bunch of stripes in a UPC. It’s also how Apple’s Face ID can tell whether a face its camera is looking at is yours. Basically, whenever a machine processes raw visual input – such as a JPEG file or a camera feed – it’s using computer vision to understand what it’s seeing. It’s easiest to think of computer vision as the part of the human brain that processes the information received by the eyes – not the eyes themselves.

One of the most interesting uses of computer vision, from an AI standpoint, is image recognition, which gives a machine the ability to interpret the input received through computer vision and categorize what it “sees.”

So, whatever images that have been uploaded into the service your company offers, with the help if the IBM Watson based Visual Recognition app developed by IT Unlock, you would be able to identify the faces, objects, and scenes which enables IT Unlock to create the right custom classifier and even train it to identify the subject that is suitable for your needs..

Features of IBM Watson Visual Recognition

Object Recognition

The ability to automatically identify objects, such as
products or specific items, from within a photo image. Our Solutions can segment and identify multiple complex items from within one image. Used for first identification reference, or as a start for a Visual Search

Visual Analysis

This approach analyses all objects, perceptual elements, such as settings, colours, patterns and shapes in the image, to provide a summary of the mood, theme or emotion of the image. This is useful for extracting insightful information from a simple image

Visual Search

This approach analyses all objects, perceptual elements, such as settings, colours, patterns and shapes in the image, to provide a summary of the mood, theme or emotion of the image. This is useful for extracting
insightful information from a simple image.

Video Analysis

An extension of Image Analysis, Video Analysis provides revolutionary insights into continuous streams of vision, be it pre-approach opens up the world of interactive video in commerce, training, object and location identification and action recognition for security and health and safety.

Moreover, IBM Visual Recognition can be used in diverse industries and applications, like education, retail, social-media, commerce and manufacturing. So, you too can take the advantage of using this technology in real time with no manual listening, insurance or visual auditing for bringing the best out of your business

Why do you need IT Unlock?

Many companies such as IBM, Apple, Amazon, Google and Facebook continue to push the envelope when it comes to image recognition. Google’s advances in image search continue to evolve, while Facebook can spot almost anyone in a crowd of an uploaded image. IBM continues to evolve within its Watson platform, using machine learning to identify various elements within the image. IBM is going beyond the people in the picture. Their visual recognition capabilities allow for the identification of scenes, objects, faces, colors, food, text and much more.

And with the use of APIs, these technologies are ready to be tapped and integrated into any number of tools. Amazon is aggressively marketing its Recognition service, which makes powerful image and video analysis available.

With a proper understanding, IT Unlock would ensure that you have the right app on your table that would enable your business to grow and evolve to understand the customer better and provide a better service to them. And this would not only help you to gain more customers, but it would also assist in never losing a client due to unsatisfactory service. So, if you need this service.

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