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From 0 to 10, how is your attitude … Everyday?

We have all encountered people we want to spend time with. Generally, those people are fun to talk with. They care about topics you are interested in, not them. They put their interest in you, not in them. They know how to make you laugh and share positive energy with you. When you talk to them and the conversation is over, you feel good, you think about them and what they said, and you’re eager to meet them again.

Don’t you want to be that kind of person? I do. These people have something in common. They have a contagious positive attitude. The difference between them and a tornado is that a tornado will eventually stop, while they never will. They are positive about the future. They want you to grow.

My business is about people, and I love every single bit of it. Aren’t all businesses about people? Whenever I meet people in person or on the phone, I share my love of life and they feel it. Whether you’re fun or boring, the other person can feel it. When you say something nice, it flows into their heart.

Positive attitude is a cornerstone in anything we do, and it applies to any profession. It opens doors to friendship and opportunities. It gets you closer to people, and can even make you win your next dream job or contract.

It’s not just a quality to acquire, it’s a lifestyle. Being positive is also about how fast you get up in the down times.

Keep smiling, folks. Your smile is a sign to indicate to the facing person that they are welcome. Besides, a smile requires less muscles and gives you less wrinkles.

When I meet people, I tend not to ask, “How are you doing?” – it’s overused. When I talk to my team, I rather ask, “Are you in top shape today?” or “How high is your attitude today?”. My answer to that question is always, “I’m excellent; I’m in top shape; I’m terrific; I feel extraordinary”, but I never say I am good. Being good is not enough. I want to make a difference, and it begins with the first line of a conversation. Don’t you?

Positive attitude is a habit. My day starts with 15 minutes of exercise. It doesn’t require much time. I feel better when I do 15 minutes of exercise every morning than when I do 1 hour twice a week. I also drink a lemon juice and read a motivational book every morning before I begin the day.

Start your day in a positive attitude, folks.


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