Charitable and social projects are part of the central philosophy of IT Unlock. As a society, we sponsor causes and we support philanthropic activities. Our priority is to build a better world for children, which represented the dream of a lifetime for our founder, James Nguyen Thanh Binh.

All children deserve to eat well and have a proper education to succeed in life – regardless of race, culture or nationality.

There is nothing more rewarding than to see and encourage a happy child. Our founder asks this question: what would he like to do when he would be 80 that he could do now? The answer that comes to his mind is how many lives he could affect. We can give back to humanity now, without having to wait for our retirement.

That’s why we created the program Give First. Since January 2016, whenever you use our services, IT Unlock allocates part of its profits to provide food and school supplies to underprivileged children. We also offer micro-credits to these families to make their lives a little better.

So now give without expecting anything in return.