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IT Unlock is proud to hire immigrants

We all have love and hatred among our feelings. We achieve greatness when our hearts are filled mostly with love. Personally, I don’t dare to say that my heart is pure and there is only love. It sometimes happens that I am apathetic, and in those moments, impatience and occasionally hatred takes the place of love. It is not important (or even possible) to be perfect every day. But when you feel apathy, how do you do to get out of there? Love is my guide in the dark moments.

What has happened recently in the U.S. has sent waves around the world. We look up to the U.S. as a leader of democracy. When their Commander-in-Chief legitimizes racism, it makes my heart heavy. If I allow myself to be inspired by John W. Gardner, I would say, “Who do you see when you look at your inner mirror and you are ‘comfortably indifferent’ to racism?”

My brother was the first in our family to immigrate to Canada. He was one of the ‘boat people’. He took 1 month to cross the ocean and spent 4 months in a refugee camp at Pulau Bidong. He told us that when he arrived in Canada, he had to start at the bottom and build from the ground up, like most immigrants. Canada gave him the chance to dream again. He had to work hard earning minimum wages. He went back to school and caught earthworms to make ends meet. After 5 year of devotedness, he was able to sponsor 7 family members to emigrate and join him in Canada.  He saved money and rented a house for our family when we arrived in Canada. I arrived in Canada in 1987 as a blessed immigrant. I remember how life was arduous in Vietnam politically and economically. My brother, I never thank you enough.

My brother was an employee, and then he became an employer. He built businesses and created jobs. How many immigrants constructed businesses and contributed to their adoptive countries? Tons of them.

Now, just because that hatred temporarily takes place in our hearts, it doesn’t mean it is legitimized. When we ban Muslims from entering the US, we neglect humanity. I remember when I was in high school, racism was popular toward Asians. Today, it applies to Muslims.

The U.S. has always been a leader in creativity thanks to its immigrants. We need to think out of the box again to find a solution to save 99.9% of innocent immigrants who desperately need us to save their lives. Like Harvey Mackey who once said, “the difference between dedicating 99% and 100% is 100%”. We can’t punish 99.9% of innocent immigrants because of 0.1%. This simple solution could destroy lives. What is happening now, in time of relative peace, is not something new in the history of peace and war even though nowadays the problem might take a slightly different form. We should not forget the lessons from WW II when hatred and racism took one small step at a time to build its momentum.

It is time for all of us to stop putting people into boxes. Have you ever heard of “Muslims are terrorists”, “Vietnamese are drug dealers”, “Blacks people are criminals” …? It is unfortunate that I still hear those false statements nowadays. It is totally incorrect to decide that someone who is different is inferior, or because of a minority, we judge the whole race. We are from different countries with different cultures. We are simply and beautifully different in our own ways. We are not better.


As an IT Unlock founder and helper of children, we hire and are proud to hire immigrants. They contribute to our success, and they help our clients improve their current situations every day. They pay taxes and make our country a better place. Without our talented employees, IT Unlock wouldn’t be able to honor its commitment to humanity. Our immigrant employees have a huge impact, and we all owe them a lot. Immigrants, you are more than welcome to join our humble IT Unlock family. Aren’t we all immigrants on this land?

In the dark time, a leader needs to shine a light like Frances Hesselbein shared. Even though IT Unlock is a small company, it is our duty to fight against racism in one form or another. It is never too late to be transformed. Love will triumph over hatred, and you have that power. Don’t give up folks. I love you all whether you are white, black, yellow or red. I love you all whether you eat something that smells very good or stinky from my personal point of view. I love you all when you talk with a strange accent that I am not used to. Let’s give love and not expect anything in return.


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