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Money is not happiness’ twin brother

Some people shared the following thought: that money can’t bring happiness. They expressed their ideas in the following way: in order to get happiness, a person should not become rich.

It appears that most of the time, people associate money and happiness together as if they were twin brothers; both are always together; one never goes without the other.

There is no doubt that money is important in our lives. Without sufficient money for our needs, life becomes a struggle full of hardships.

However, money and happiness are two distinct elements. Neither getting richer nor becoming poorer will make you happier. While money can pay your bills and make your life less miserable at the end of the month, it cannot bring true happiness.

Money is money and happiness is happiness. Think of them as your right and left arms. If you had to choose losing one of them, which one would you pick? Probably neither.

Just like so many other things, both money and happiness are parts of our lives. They have different functions. We have to stop binding dissimilar factors together and making a story with that.


After a 75 year-long study on adult happiness, Robert Waldinger found out that happiness is not related to money, fame or power. He concluded that people who have close relationships with family, friends, or community, who are well connected, are happier and healthier. People who are not well connected or who live alone live shorter and less healthy lives. Being well connected is not about quantity but quality. When you have a stable and supportive marriage and you are satisfied in your relationships, you are happier. A good life is in good relationships.

So if your heart desires to be rich, then be so. Don’t let misconceptions about money stop you. With money, you could help yourself and a lot of people. With more money, you could help even more people.


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