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We’re proud of our charity leaders from IT Unlock

As a social enterprise, we pledge half of our profits to providing food and school supplies to underprivileged children. Our support covers anywhere in the world as humanity doesn’t differentiate between skin color, religion, culture, borders, or gender. As long as it is financially sustainable, you have our lifetime commitment.

Our mission is not achievable without our charity leaders. Those are people who love giving back to others and who make actions happen. Without them, our good intention will only remain a good intention. As a charity leader, the person will suggest the cause, do the planning, distribute the goods to those who are in need, and write an article to share their good deed to everyone.

We have to admit that our leaders are brave and generous. They could stay in their comfort zones instead of handling charity missions.

Like we say, there is always a reason behind the reason. When we ask, “Why do you want to give back to others?”, the first answers that people provide are “Because I love helping people”, “Because I want to be useful”, “Because I want to give back”, “Because it activates my heart” or “Because I want to help those who are unluckier than me”, … And then we ask, “What is the reason behind that reason?” More answers come up: “Because I want to be acknowledged”, “Because I want to be looking good”, “Because I need to be admired”, “Because I want to do good to myself”, “Because I want to be like God” or “Because I want to be remembered”, etc. Personally, I would provide those answers too and that’s my way to be honest with myself and others.

However, the “Why” you help people is irrelevant. We would prefer just asking, “Have you helped people”? As long as there is no action, there is no result.  So whatever your reason is, just go out there and lend a hand. There are people who desperately need your help.

This is our first charity mission of our Give First program. Being pioneers is always the most challenging. I want to acknowledge our charity leaders for being audacious, generous, and taking the risk to put their hearts into action.


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